Ho Pak Kwong              

                                                                       Ho Pak Kwong  Ho Pak Kwong

                                                                                                      (Ho Pai Kuang, Ho Pai Kwong)  



                                              Ho Pak Kwong is another of those omnipresent faces in Hong Kong film. 

                                           In his countless supporting parts and cameos (which are usually comedic), he 

                                                               often plays rather shrewd and selfish characters . 


                                          Ho Pak Kwong has appeared in some recent American films, too. He is the old 

                                         man in the opening scene of James Foley's The Corruptor with Chow Yun Fat.


                                                                    Ho Pak Kwong Filmography 

                                                                                          Ho Pak Kwong

1982 Aces Go Places   (cameo)
  All Men Are Brothers   (extra)
1975 Bald-Headed Betty   (cameo)
  Beware of Pickpockets    (cameo)
  By Hook or By Crook
  Carry On, Pickpocket   (cameo)
  Crazy Crooks
1979 Crazy Partner
1981 Deadly Duo
  Dirty Kung Fu
1982 Dragon Lord   (cameo)
1980 Duel of the Brave Ones
1994 Drunken Master 2   (cameo)
1982 Energetic 21   (cameo)
1981 Executor
1980 From Riches to Rags
1974 Games Gamblers Play
  Hot Blood
1996 How To Meet the Lucky Stars   (cameo)
  The Informer
  Joy To the World
  The Kung Fu Kid   (cameo)
  Laughing Times
1974 A Mad World of Fools
  Magnificent Butcher
  Making It
1985 Mr. Vampire   (cameo)
  Odd Couple
1991 The Plot
1982 Plain Jane To the Rescue   (cameo)
1991 Powerful Four   (cameo)
  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  Way of the Black Dragon
  Who's the Crook?   (cameo)
1985 Yes, Madam!   (cameo)




                                                               Ho Pak Kwong -American Films        

                                                                                       Ho Pak Kwong

1999 The Corruptor
1997 Mimic   




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