Helena Law Lan

                                                                                  Law Lan  Helena Law Lan

                  (Helena Law Lan, Lo Lan, Helena Lo)            



                                     HK industry veteran Helena Law Lan has become synonymous with Hong Kong

                                      horror in the latter portion of her career, an unlikely development for an actress of  

                                                                                       Christian faith.


                                  Though her association with the occult has dominated her image of late, she has had a 

                                   long and illustrious career as an entertainer, and was once a regular of TVB's popular

                                      variety show Enjoy Yourself Tonight. In 2000, at age 64, she became the oldest 

                                     performer to receive a Hong Kong Film Award for her role in Bullets Over Summer.   


                                                                 Helena Law Lan Filmography 

                                                                         Helena Law Lan

  24 Hours Ghost Story     
  Bakery Amour 
  Bounce Ko Angel
1993 Boys Are Easy
1999 Bullets Over Summer 
  Cafe Shop
2000 Death Net  
  Devil's Woman
1993 Don't Stop My Crazy Love For You
  Energetic 21
  Eternal Love
  Foolish 23
  Fourth of April
1974 Games Gamblers Play   
  Ghost in the Family
  Ghost Meets You
  Haunted Mansion
2002 Haunted Office
  Hong Kong History X
  He is My Enemy, Partner and Father in Law
  Horoscope The Voice From Hell
1973 The House of 72 Tenants   (cameo)
  House of the Damned
  Human Pork Chop
  Iceman Cometh   (cameo)
  Immortal Spirit
  Jiang Hu- The Triad Zone
  July 13th
2003 Kung Fu Master is My Grandma!  
  The Legend of a Professional
  Lonely Swallow
2000 Mafia.com
2001 Master Q 2001   
  Midnight Zone
  Miracles   (cameo)
  The Mirror
  Money Crazy
  Mr. A? Mr. C?
  Nightmare Zone
1998 The Pale Sky   
  Police Woman
  Raped By an Angel 5: The Final Judgement
  Resort Massacre
1986 Royal Warriors   (cameo)
1990 She Shoots Straight
  Step Into the Dark
  Taxi Driver
  Those Were the Days II
  Thou Shalt Not Swear
  Till Death Do Us Part
  Time 4 Hope
  Troublesome Night
  Troublesome Night 3
  Troublesome Night 5
  Troublesome Night 6
  Troublesome Night 7
  Troublesome Night 8
  Troublesome Night 9
  Troublesome Night 10
  Troublesome Night 11
  Troublesome Night 12
  Troublesome Night 13
  Troublesome Night 14
  Troublesome Night 15
  Troublesome Night 16
  Troublesome Night 17
  Troublesome Night 18
  Troublesome Night 19
  True Love
  Twilight Garden
1996 Young and Dangerous 3   (cameo)    




                                                     Helena Law Lan -TV Credits

                                                                                         Helena Law Lan

Enjoy Yourself Tonight   *
The Return of the Condor Heroes 1995
War of the Dragon


                                                                                         * host


                                                                        Law Lan as a child

                                                                                        Lil' Law Lan


                                                              Law Lan in Haunted Office

                                                                       Law Lan as she is usually seen


                                                                               Law Lan today  (The Sun)

                                                                                           Law Lan


                                                                 Hong Kong Film Awards  


                                                                        Best Actress Awards- Law Lan

                                                                           2000    Bullets Over Summer


                                                         Best Supporting Actress Nominations- Law Lan

                                                                          1993    Thou Shalt Not Swear

                                                                          1996    July 13th



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