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                                      Ha Ping is a seasoned HK actress whose career spans many decades and genres.

                                     Today's audiences will recognize her in frequent maternal roles (Francis Ng's mother 

                                         in Young and Dangerous, Kelly Lin's grandmother in The Legend of Speed

                                       Elizabeth Lee's mother in Love To Kill, Cheung Kwok Keung's slain mother in 

                                        Final Run, Lindzay Chan's mother in To Live, Ada Choi's mom in Passionate 

                                        Nights, Mark Cheng's mom in Evil Cat, Jacky Cheung's mom in Jiang Hu, and

                                                     Simon Yam's mother in both Raped by an Angel and Casino).


                                    Or perhaps you've seen Ha Ping as "Granny 7" in the spooky comedy Ghost Lantern

                                                     a role that brings to mind another veteran actress- Law Lan. 


                                                                          Ha Ping Filmography

                                                                                             Ha Ping


4 Faces of Eve 

1972 The 14 Amazons
2001 The Accidental Spy   (cameo)
1975 Big Brother Cheng
  Blundering Detective
1973 Call to Arms
1998 Casino
1957 Caught in the Act
1977 The Chinatown Kid
1978 Clan of Amazons
1977 Clans of Intrigue
1979 The Deadly Breaking Sword
  Desirous Express
2001 Fighting For Love
1989 Final Run
2001 Fing's Raver
1972 The Fourteen Amazons 
1995 Full Throttle
1993 Ghost Lantern
1979 Heaven and Hell
1978 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
1974 Hong Kong 73
  House of Prosperity     
2004 Jiang Hu
1999 The Legend of Speed
1993 Love To Kill
1986 Millionaire's Express   (cameo)
1985 My Lucky Stars
1982 Ode To Gallantry
1996 Once Upon a Time in Triad Society 2
1997 Passionate Nights
1990 Queen of Temple Street   
1993 Raped by an Angel
1995 The Saint of Gamblers
1974 Sex For Sale
1995 Summer Snow
1980 Swift Sword
  To Capture the God of Wealth
1974 The Tea House
1969 The Teddy Girls
1974 Thirteen
1997 Those Were the Days
1992 To Live
  Won't You Give Me a Kiss?
1996 Young and Dangerous   



                                                             Ha Ping - TV Credits

                                                                                             Ha Ping


It Takes All Kinds 




                                          Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                           Ha Ping

                                                      Best Supporting Actress Nominations- Ha Ping

                                                                           1995     Full Throttle                                      



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