Gordon Lam Ka Tung

                                                                           Lam Ka Tung  Gordon Lam Ka Tung

(Lam Ka Tong, Lam Ka Dong, Gordon Lam, William Lam) 


                      Born: September 21


                             Lam Ka Tung is a popular television actor in Hong Kong who has starred in over 

                                                  50 series, many of them with actress Maggie Cheung Ho Yee.


                                                                   Lam Ka Tung Filmography 

                                                                                       Gordon Lam Ka Tung

2001 Dance of a Dream  
  Daze Raper   
2000 Death Net
  The Eighth
  Gen-X Cops
  Hong Kong Show Girls      
  The Kid    
  Love Me, Love My Money
  Up For the Rising Sun