Glen Chin              

                                                                                           Glen Chin



                                American actor Glen Chin is probably best recognized as the guy who morphed into Tyra 

                                 Banks in Michael Jackson's video Black or White, or the slimy bad guy "Skinny" in Tsui  

                               Hark's U.S. debut, Knock Off. In 2001, Glen starred in Fruit Chan's award winning drama 

                                                                                Hollywood Hong Kong.


                                                                       Glen Chin Filmography



The Master

1992 The Days of Being Dumb
1995 Rumble in the Bronx   *
2001 Hollywood Hong Kong


                                                                                * dialogue coach



                                                             Glen Chin -American Films


The Art of War

Knock Off



                                                                 Music Video


Black or White


                                                             *  appears in Michael Jackson's video (1991)



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