Frances Yip Lai Yi  

                                                               Frances Yip  葉麗儀 

                                                                                                       (Yip Lai Yi, Yip Lai Yee, Yi Lei Yi)


                                          Over three decades in the music business, Frances Yip Yai Li has made an

                                  indelible impression on the Asian public. She began her career in 1969 by singing English 

                                songs, and later made the transition to Chinese language songs. Throughout the 1970's and

                                into the 80's, Frances performed in front of thousands of live audience members and millions

                                 of televised audience members; becoming known in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong,

                                 Taiwan and North America. She also recorded the soundtracks for several Hong Kong films 

                               and TV series, most famously the theme song for Shanghai Grand (aka The Bund), the hit TVB

                                                                              serial starring Chow Yun Fat.


                                    In 1998, at age 49 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she battled for 3 years. 

                                Frances' strength has been an inspiration to others. She held a 2001 lecture in Hong Kong on

                               how to deal with life's adversity, and she was active in encouraging the will of HK people during

                                                                                   the SARS crisis of 2003. 

                               Today Ms. Yip continues to tour, raise funds for charity and promote breast cancer awareness.


                                                                      Frances Yip Filmography



A Man Called Tiger   (soundtrack)

1982 It Takes Two   (soundtrack and actor)
1984 Teppanyaki   (actor)
1989 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World III   (actor)





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