Fiona Sit  薛凱琪

                                                                                                                            (Sit Hoi Kei)    

                      Singer, Actress 

                                      Born: August 11      Languages: Cantonese, English, French     Hobbies: Drawing


                                    Hong Kong pixie Fiona Sit is not only an award winning singer, but a cutie pie to boot. 

                                     Her 2004 debut album for Warner Music, appropriately titled F Debut, was a big seller. 

                                     In 2005, Fiona starred in her first feature film 2 Young; a Derek Yee melodrama about

                                       teenage romance and pregnancy. Her subsequent film is the drama Embrace Your 

                                                                              Shadow directed by Joe Ma.


                                                                       Fiona Sit Filmography



2 Young

2005 Embrace Your Shadow



                                                           Fiona Sit Discography



f debut

2005 Funny Girl




                                                                Fiona Sit in Embrace Your Shadow (2005).



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