Fan Siu Wong              

                                                                              Fan Siu Wong  Terry Fan Siu Wong

                                                                                                             (Terry Fan, Louis Fan)                     


                                                   Born: June 19, 1973- Hong Kong    Hobbies: Singing, guitar


                                   The son of actor Fan Mui Sang, Fan Siu Wong first appeared in the movies when he

                                   was just a baby. In the opening scene of Amsterdam Connection, little Fan is visible

                                        in the arms of his screen dad Jason Pai Piao. His real father also starred in the 

                                         film, but he didn't have to push his son into acting- it was Fan's lifelong goal.


                                         After a short stint as a child actor, including roles as precocious youngsters in

                                  Goodbye Mammie and Righting Wrongs, Fan's father sent him to study martial arts

                                      in Shangdong, China at the age of 14. During those years of training he forged his 

                                     muscular physique and became an agile kung fu expert. Scenes of Fan Siu Wong  

                                               performing Wu Shu can be seen in the film Dragons of the Orient.


                                 When he returned to Hong Kong, Fan was cast as the star of Stanley Tong's directorial

                                   debut, Stone Age Warriors, an action-adventure filmed in the jungles of New Guinea.

                                   Still only a teenager, he then played the lead in what would become his signature film, 

                                       Story of Ricky (1991). The ultra-violent prison flick based on a Japanese manga 

                                                                          became a worldwide cult favorite.

                                                               Terry Fan Siu Wong          Terry Fan Siu Wong

                                Signing on with Danny Lee's production company, Fan Siu Wong appeared in a number 

                                      of Lee's police films. However, these were mostly only supporting roles, and even 

                                  his role in Stanley Tong's Supercop spinoff Project S made only minimal use of his

                                   talents.Though Fan did star in some additional low budget actioners, he found greater

                                       success in television, where he was spent most of the 1990's filming martial arts 

                                                                                         serials at TVB.

                                      In 1999 Fan Siu Wong began making his big screen comeback by making some 

                                   cheap action movies in the Philippines. Fan also demonstrated martial arts at Cannes 

                                   in 2001 and acted with Sammo Hung in Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger. Though he   

                                     still works steadily, most everything Fan stars in is shot on video and not released



                                                                   Fan Siu Wong Filmography

                                                                                       Terry Fan Siu Wong


Amsterdam Connection   1

  The Boxing King
  Brutal Violence
1997 The Death Games
  Dragons of the Orient   2
  Fearless Match
  Fighting Back
  Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger
1986 Goodbye Mammie
  Hot & Spicy (Spice Cop)
1995 Informer  
  The Invincible
  Lethal Cop
  Master of Zen
  Organized Crime & Triad Bureau
  Portrait of a Serial Rapist
  Power King
  Project S   3
  Righting Wrongs
  Shadow Mask
  Silent Love
  Spy Gear
  Stone Age Warriors
  The Story of Freemen
1991 Story of Ricky   4