Fan Mui Sang

                                                                          Fan Mui Sang  Fan Mui Sang (Fan Mei Sheng)

                                  (Fan Mei Sheng)



                                     Fan Mui Sang's career dates back to the 1960's Shaw Brothers era. He frequently 

                                  played villains in kung fu and crime films of the 70's and 80's, eventually retiring in 1994. 


                                   In 1979 Fan replaced Simon Yuen (who died during production) in Yuen Woo Ping's  

                                The Magnificent Butcher. He played an explosives expert in Ronny Yu's The Postman 

                                     Fights Back, also choreographed by Woo Ping. Though it's impossible to tell from

                                  appearance, he is also Fan Siu Wong's father, with whom he appeared as the bizarre

                                                                   glass-eyed assistant warden in Story of Ricky.

                                        Fan Mui Sang also had a role in Michael Cimino's Year of the Dragon (1985)


                                     In recent years, Fan Mui Sang (aka Fan Mei Sheng) has been managing his son's

                                         career and working as a professor at the Shanghai School of Performing Arts.


      Fan Mui Sang Filmography 

                                                                                        Fan Mui Sang (Fan Mei Sheng)


The 14 Amazons

  Amsterdam Connection      
1968 Angel Strikes Again
1966 Angel With the Iron Fists
  Blood Brothers
1977 The Brave Archer
  The Buddhist Fist
1975 The Casino
  Cobra Girl
  The Criminals Part 3 'Arson'
  The Delinquent
1981 Dreadnaught

Green Killer   1

1977 The Flying Guillotine Part II

Hit Man in the Hand of Buddha

  Jade Tiger   2
  King Gambler
1967 The King With My Face
  The Kiss of Death
  The Knight of Knights

The Magnificent Butcher

  Master of Zen
  Millionaire's Express
  Mysterious Footworks of Kung Fu

The Postman Fights Back

  Project A II
  Rich and Famous

Story of Ricky

  The Tea House
  Temperament of Life
1968 That Fiery Girl
1977 To Kill a Jaguar  
  The Water Margin   3

Young Master


                                                                   1 also planning

                                                                   2  aka White Jade Tiger

                                                                   3  aka Seven Blows of the Dragon



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                                                           Fan Mui Sang (Fan Mei Sheng)

Year of the Dragon




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