Huang Sheng Yi 黄聖依

                                                                                                                         (Eva Huang)                  


                                                                                      Born: February 11        


                                   Eva Huang Sheng Yi has appeared on TV series and commercials. In 2004, she played

                                   the mute ice cream seller in Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle, which, needless to say,

                                was pretty good exposure for this delicate flower. Eva has since been cast in Herman Yau's 

                                                               Lethal Ninja and Daniel Lee's Dragon Squad.


                                                              Eva Huang Sheng Yi Filmography



Kung Fu Hustle

2005 Lethal Ninja 
2005 Dragon Squad
2007 Call for Love  (CHINA)




                                            Hong Kong Film Awards


                                                            Best New Performer Nomination- Eva Huang

                                                                             2004     Kung Fu Hustle



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