Eric Kee Ka Fat              

                                                                                           Eric Kee  Eric Kee Ka Fat

                                                                                               (Kee Ka Fat, Kei Ka Fat, Eric Kei, Erik Kee)   

                     Actor, Entrepeneur


                               Eric Kee will be best recognized as an inveterate face in Danny Lee's 90's crime films, often

                                 playing a "banana" due to his fluent English. He also collaborated with Michael Chow, and 

                                      played an irritable SDU commander in Mr. Mumble (1996), which he also produced. 


                                Due to Hong Kong's economic woes and floundering film industry, Eric, a Malaysian-Chinese, 

                               eventually left show business to concentrate on running his chain of restaurants in Hong Kong. 


                                                                          Eric Kee Filmography

                                                                                         Eric Kee Ka Fat


Dr. Lamb

1991 Legend of the Dragon   (cameo)
1993 Love To Kill    
1996 Mr. Mumble   (also producer)
1992 The Night Rider
1994 Organized Crime & Triad Bureau
1994 Portrait of a Serial Rapist
1997 Spirit of the Dragon
1995 Twist
1993 The Untold Story
1994 Water Tank Murder Mystery




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