Eileen Tung Oi Ling              

                                                                                           Eileen Tung 

                                                                                                       (Tung Oi Ling, Tong Ai Ling)


                                                                           Born: November 23rd, Taiwan                                       


                                                                      Eileen Tung Filmography



97' Lan Kwai Fong         

2000 City of Angel
1996 The Day That Doesn't Exist
1995 Don't Give A Damn

Fait Accompli

1999 Gorgeous  *
1995 Heart of Killer
1995 Mack the Knife
1995 Man Wanted
1995 The Meaning of Life
1994 The Most Wanted
1993 Ms. Butterfly
1994 Over the Rainbow, Under the Skirt
1999 Sunshine Cops
1998 Your Place or Mine


                                                                                        *  cameo



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