Dragon Lee              

                                                                                   Dragon Lee  Dragon Lee

                                                                                                            (Bruce Lei, Keo Ryong)



                               With his outrageously exaggerated mannerisms, a thick black mane of hair, and a chiseled

                               physique that would make Lo Meng jealous, Dragon Lee stood out like the proverbial sore 

                                                                      thumb among all the Bruce Lee clones.


                                   Like the other best known Bruce Lee imitators, Bruce Li and Bruce Le, Dragon Lee

                                     was only a supporting actor in kung fu movies before finding his screen identity by

                                   aping the late Bruce Lee. In contrast to his peers, however, he took the charade even

                                      further by pumping up the Lee-alike character to excessively extreme proportions.

                                 Whereas other imitators attempted merely to emulate Bruce Lee, Dragon Lee stretched

                               the character so far it bordered on parody. Preferred to camp it up, the Korean action star

                                 moved in such a showy and explosive manner that he more resembled a turbo-charged

                                                                                Bruce Lee on steroids. 


                                     While the cheap kung fu flicks he made for Godfrey Ho can hardly be considered

                                classics, they are unique for their bizarrely choreographed fight scenes and clever antics

                                  that were perhaps only comparable to Lee's IFD Films compadre, Elton Chong. As a

                                     man who has kicked an opponent four times in succession while holding his ankle,

                                   thrown Hwang Jang Lee in a barrel and spun him around like a dreidel, and punted 

                                 boulders across a stream like they were beach balls, Dragon Lee was an original phony.

                                  There may never be another Bruce Lee, but most assuredly there will never be another

                                                            martial arts actor like the inimitable Dragon Lee. 


                                                                      Dragon Lee Filmography

                                                                                          Dragon Lee


The 18 Amazones 

  Blues of Chongro
  Bruce Lee's Ways of Kung Fu
  Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws
  Champ Against Champ
  The Clones of Bruce Lee
  Dragon Claws
1981 Dragon Lee Fights Again   1
  Dragon Lee vs. the Five Brothers
  The Dragon, the Hero   2  
  The Dragon, the Young Master
  The Dragon's Showdown
1982 The Dragon's Snake Fist   
1994 An Emperor of Underworld
  Enter the Invincible Hero
  Golden Dragon, Silver Snake
  Kung Fu Fever   3
  Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple
1991 The Nationwide Constituency
  Rage of the Dragon
  Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger


                                                                     1 aka Fist of Fury in the Moonlight 

                                                                     2 aka Dragon on Fire

                                                                     3 aka Never Give Up



                                                                   Dragon Lee -Documentaries

                                                                                          Dragon Lee

Amazing Masters of the Martial Arts   1

The Real Bruce Lee    2


                                             1   clips from Dragon Lee's movies are shown in this documentary

                                             2   Dragon Lee is featured in a movie clip in this pseudo-documentary



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