Donald Cheung Wai Man

                                                           Cheung Wai Man  張偉文

                                                                                                      (Zhang Wei Wen, Donald Cheung)



                                 Donald Cheung Wai Man (aka Zhang Wei Wen) won a singing contest in 1978, and was  

                                  then invited to record his first album. Between 1979 and 1982, he made 9 records. He also 

                                 worked as a background singer on albums by Alan TamGigi Leung, Sally Yeh, Priscilla

                                  Chan, Aaron Kwok, George Lam and Leslie Cheung. His 2004 live concerts had guest 

                                                              stars Liza Wang, Maria Cordero and Nancy Sit.


                                    Donald Cheung has also acted in movies and TV. He sang the theme song for the 1979  

                                         comedy Crazy Partner, and played a police chief in Law Kei's 1982 crime film  

                                                              Green Killer. Donald continues to tour in 2005.


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                                                   Donald Cheung Wai Man       Donald Cheung


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