Coco Chiang Yi

                                                                             Coco Chiang  Coco Chiang Yi

                                                                                                     (Chiang Yi, CoCo Chiang)  

                                                                                            Model, Actress

                                                                              Born: May 12       Height: 6'


                                        Hailing from China, Coco Chiang is currently one of Hong Kong's top models. 

                                   Chiang got a lot of exposure when she appeared in a beer commercial with Stephen

                                   Chow and the guys from Shaolin Soccer. In the ad, Chow surfs the web for chicks

                                  and ends up meeting a luscious hottie in the form of Coco Chiang. Before he can chat 

                                    her up, she pulls off her face and beneath the mask is the nose picking transvestite

                                                                                  from Shaolin Soccer

                                                                                        In-laws, Out-laws (2004)

                                     In 2003, the ultra-feminine model began appearing in films. In Clifton Ko's comedy

                                    In-laws, Out-laws, Coco stars alongside Eric Tsang, Lydia Shum, James Wong 

                                           and Shawn Yu. Coco plays Lau Ching Wan's wife in Itchy Heart (2004).


                                                    Coco Chiang Yi Filmography

                                                                         Coco Chiang Yi                                                    


Love Undercover 2: Love Mission

2003 Night Corridor
2003 Men Suddenly in Black  (c)
2004 In-laws, Out-laws
2004 Itchy Heart
2004 Escape From Hong Kong Island
2004 New Police Story


                                                                                    c = cameo




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