Chung Fat     

                                                                               Chung Fat  Chung Fat (Chung Fa)

                                                                                                                       (Chung Fa)        



                             Chung Fat is one of the many "regulars" of director Sammo Hung. He can be seen in films 

                                as far back as 1973, when Bolo broke his back in the seminal Enter the Dragon. Chung 

                             remained fist fodder for some years during the 70's, as an extra, fighter, or supporting actor in 

                            kung fu films. Then in 1979, he was featured in Wong Yuen Sun's Crazy Partner as the main 

                                villain, and highlighted in Sammo's The Magnificent Butcher as the far-out Cat Fighter- 

                                              shrieking, clawing and meowing his way into Hong Kong movie infamy. 


                                The following year Chung Fat was cast in what would become his best known role- that of

                                  the "good" sorceror in Sammo Hung's classic hopping vampire tale, Encounter of the

                              Spooky Kind. In 1981, Chung had a small appearance as The Devil himself in John Woo's 

                              To Hell With the Devil, sporting fangs and white skin. The majority of the roles that Chung

                                  Fat has portrayed have been bad guys, thugs, and henchmen. In this capacity, he has 

                                   fought onscreen with (among others) Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yukari Oshima,

                                    Cynthia RothrockLeung Kar Yan, Michelle Yeoh, Joyce Godenzi and Jet Li


                                                        Chung Fat Filmography

                                                                          Chung Fat (Chung Fa)                                                      


Beauty Investigator

  By Hook or By Crook
1979 Crazy Partner
  Crime Story
  The Dead and the Deadly
  Deadful Melody
  Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog 
  Dragons Forever
  Encounter of the Spooky Kind
  The Fortune Code
  Haunted Cop Shop 
1985 Heart of the Dragon
  His Name is Nobody
  The Hunted Hunter
  The Iron-Fisted Monk
  Kung Fu Avengers   1
  Lady Reporter
1993 Last Hero in China
1979 The Magnificent Butcher    
  Millionaire's Express 
  Mr. Vampire Saga 4
  My Neighbors Are Phantoms
  New Mr. Vampire
  Odd Couple
1990 Pantyhose Hero
  Pedicab Driver
1984 Pom Pom
1982 The Prodigal Son   
  The Return of Pom Pom
  Righting Wrongs   (c) 
1986 Rosa
  She Shoots Straight
  Spooky, Spooky
  Stagedoor Johnny
  Those Merry Souls   (c) 
  Three Against the World
1981 To Hell With the Devil
1983 The Trail
1985 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars
  Two Toothless Tigers
  Warriors Two
  Winners and Sinners
1985 Yes, Madam
  Zu: Warriors From the Magic Mountain


                                                                            1  fighter   

                                                                            2  aka The Blonde Fury



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                                                                                          Chung Fat (Chung Fa)

Enter the Dragon   *


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