Christy Chung Lai Tai  

             Christy Chung  Christy Chung Lai Tai              

                             (Chung Lai Tai, Zhong Li Ti)

                          Actress, Model

                                       Born: September 19, 1970 - Montreal, Canada    Height: 5'6"     Weight: 106 lbs. 

                                                        Languages: Cantonese, English, French, Vietnamese


                                    While studying for a marketing degree, Montreal native Christy Chung entered and won 

                                     the 1993 Miss Chinese International beauty pageant, beginning a successful career in 

                                     show business. She began in 1993 by playing Andy Lau's girlfriend in the Wong Jing 

                                       comedy Perfect Exchange, and another role in The Bride With White Hair 2. The

                                      following year she co-starred with comedy king Stephen Chow in Love on Delivery 

                                          and Hail the Judge, and played the love interest of Jet Li in the action-romance 

                                     The Bodyguard From Beijing. As she became more of a fixture of the entertainment

                                                      scene, Christy dated stars including Alex To and Aaron Kwok.


                                       In 1995 audiences continued to see Christy Chung in theatres on a bi-monthly basis. 

                                   She and Simon Yam burned the screen in two action romances released the same week-

                                       Benny Chan's cop drama Man Wanted and Clarence Fok's obtuse Passion 1995

                                           She also added two more Yuen Wo Ping films two her resume, Tai Chi 2 and 

                                      The Red Wolf, though these flower vase roles reinforced her image as a starlet rather 

                                                                               than a serious actress.


                                    Her career had a hiatus in 1997 when she married a British spa owner and delivered her 

                                         daughter, Yasmine. After divorcing, she returned to the scene more ambitiously 

                                                                                       than ever in 1999.


                                     Fluent in English, Chinese, French and Vietnamese, Christy has set her aims toward 

                                     the international market by filming in Korea, Thailand and India, and is in negotiations

                                      to work in America. In 2001 she performed nude sex scenes in the controversial Thai 

                                       film Jandara, and also co-starred in a similarly titled art film set in Tibet- Samsara

                                    Besides acting, the Chinese / Vietnamese beauty has kept busy as the spokesperson

                                       for several products and services, including being the face of a diet centre, and has 

                                        shown off her sexy body in a revealing 2001 erotic pictorial- Feel.. Christy Chung.


                                                                      Christy Chung Filmography

                                                                                           Christy Chung Lai Tai


Perfect Exchange   (aka The Sting II) 

1993 The Bride With White Hair 2        
1994 Love on Delivery      
1994 Hail the Judge       
1994 I Wanna Be Your Man!
1994 Modern Romance          
1994 The Bodyguard From Beijing    
1994 Mermaid Got Married        
1994 Whatever You Want              
1995 Mack the Knife   (aka Doctor Mack)
1995 Passion 1995        
1995 Man Wanted        
1995 The Red Wolf         
1995 Heaven Can't Wait
1995 Faithfully Yours           
1996 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
1996 Tai Chi 2                     
1996 The God of Cookery
1997 All's Well, Ends Well 97    
1997 Troublesome Night            
1997 97 Aces Go Places         
2000 Un Baiser Vole      
2000 Cold War