Chou Li Chuen

                                                           Chou Li Chuen  Chou Li Chuen

                                                                                                                  (Chow Li Chuen)       


                                                                                         Born: 1959


                               Chou Li Chuen was only a teenager when she began her movie career in the late 1970's.

                                   She acted in a variety of crime, martial arts films and dramas for Shaw Brothers and 

                                                other independent studios in assertive, sexy and precocious roles.

                                   In 1978, she played Bruce Li's girlfriend in Dynamo. Chou played the girl of another

                                      kung fu star, Wilson Tong, in his 1980 triad picture Duel of the Brave Ones


                                 Her marriage in the early 1980's, which was publicized on the covers of the HK tabloids,

                               marked her retirement from show business. In 1984 she reappeared in a couple of cameos 

                                      in some comedies, including one as a tough undercover cop in Sammo Hung's

                                                                             Where's Officer Tuba?   


                                                                 Chou Li Chuen Filmography

                                                                                       Chou Li Chuen


Crack Shadow Boxers

1978 Gang of Four
1978 Dynamo
1978 Island of Virgins
1978 The Big Number
1979 Vice Squad 633             
1979 The Brothers            
1979 Killing Does Not Pay       
1979 Poison Rose and the Bodyguard
1980 Duel of the Brave Ones (Struggle)
1982 Behind the Storm
1984 Double Trouble
1984 Where's Officer Tuba?




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