Chingmy Yau Suk Ching Qs

                                                                          Chingmy Yau   Chingmy Yau Suk Ching

                     (Yau Suk Ching, Yau Shuk Ching)      


                     Born: May 16th, 1968


                                      At age 19 Chingmy Yau entered TVB's 1987 Miss Hong Kong contest, and became

                                          a supporting actress for the network. Then Hong Kong producer-director Wong 

                                         Jing discovered and cast her in The Crazy Companies (1988), the first of many 

                                     collaborations which would continue throughout her entire career. Chingmy was more

                                      than a mere protege, however- the two had a romantic relationship lasting six years.


                                   Yau's obvious sex appeal was exploited in a long list of comedies and action films which 

                                       were usually either produced, written, or directed by Wong Jing, and starred such 

                                            superstars as Stephen Chow and Jet Li. In Wong Jing's cruise ship caper 

                                                City Hunter (1992), Chingmy appeared with superstar Jackie Chan


                                         The most famous of these films was the Category III classic Naked Killer (1992),

                                          starring Chingmy in a stunning role as a sexy female assassin with Carrie Ng 

                                                                     and frequent co-star Simon Yam Tat-Wah.


                                     Though most of Chingmy Yau's movies were highly commercial, her role in the 1998 art 

                                     house drama Hold You Tight was honored with two awards at the Berlin Film Festival, 

                                   which she attended with director Stanley Kwan and other members of the crew and cast.   


                                    In October 1999 Chingmy wed fashion store mogul Shum Ka Wai in Japan, marking her

                                  retirement as an actress. The couple met at a friend's party and after only four months he

                                      proposed to her on her 30th birthday. Her last on-screen appearance before marriage 

                                    was in Leslie Cheung's music special for TVB which aired the same month, done as a 

                                        favor to the star. In August 2001 Chingmy Yau delivered her first child, a baby girl.


                                                                      Chingmy Yau Filmography 

                                                                                         Chingmy Yau Suk Ching

1988 The Crazy Companies             
1988 Mr. Possessed                          
1988 How To Pick Girls Up               
1988 The Crazy Companies II            
1989 Mr. Fortune                           
1989 They Came To Rob Hong Kong   
1989 Perfect Match                        
1989 Happy Together                     
1989 The Romancing Star III     
1990 My Neighbors Are Phantoms         
1991 Tricky Brains                      
1991 Money Maker                     
1991 Lee Rock                          
1991 Lee Rock II                     
1992 Casino Tycoon              
1992 Truant Heroes 
1992 Royal Tramp               
1992 Casino Tycoon II         
1992 Deadly Dream Woman      
1992 She Starts Fire             
1992 Royal Tramp II           
1992 Naked Killer              
1993 Millionaire Cop            
1993 City Hunter                        
1993 Legend of the Liquid Sword     
1993 Raped By an Angel           
1993 Future Cops                   
1993 Boys Are Easy               
1993 Ghost Lantern              
1993 Kung Fu Cult Master      
1994 New Legend of Shaolin      
1994 The Modern Love              
1994 Modern Romance                 
1994 Return To a Better Tomorrow   
1994 God of Gambler's Return     
1994 1941 Hong Kong On Fire       
1995 Lover of the Last Empress     
1995 The Saint of Gamblers       
1995 High Risk                              
1995 Legendary Couple            
1995 I'm Your Birthday Cake        
1996 Blind Romance               
1996 Young and Dangerous 2           
1996 Satan Returns                       
1996 Street Angels                     
1996 Bodyguards of  Last Governor  
1996 4 Faces of Eve                
1996 Feel 100%... Once More        
1997 Lawyer Lawyer            
1998 Hold You Tight               



                                                     Chingmy Yau -TV Credits

                                                                                        Chingmy Yau Suk Ching

Fate Takes a Hand 
Police Cadet III   *
The Undercover Story 


                                                                             * aka Police Cadet 1988


                                                             Wong Jing with Chingmy Yau Qs

                                                 Filmmaker Wong Jing and protege Chingmy Yau Suk Ching:  

                                                               a match made in Hong Kong movie heaven.


                                        Chingmy Yau Suk Ching  (Oriental Daily)

                                                                  Chingmy Yau's wedding photo- 1999.


                                                               Hong Kong Film Awards  

                                                                           Chingmy Yau Suk Ching

                                                                Best Actress Nominations- Chingmy Yau

                                                                              1992    Naked Killer

                                                                              1995    I'm Your Birthday Cake

                                                                              1998    Hold You Tight


                                                      Best Supporting Actress Nominations- Chingmy Yau

                                                                               1991    Lee Rock



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