Chikako Aoyama

                                                               Chikako Aoyama 

                                                                                                                    (Aoyama Chikako)

                        Actress, Model

                                   Like HK sex bomb Amy Yip, Japanese actress Chikako Aoyama is well known for her 

                                          ample cleavage, which she has showed off in numerous nude pictorials. In 1991,

                                      Chikako co-starred with Yip and David Wu in Robotrix, a sexy Category III film that

                                                          could be described as a soft porn version of Robocop. 

                                   Chikako played David Wu's prostitute mistress in the ghostly romance Finale in Blood

                                     the directorial debut of Fruit Chan which was made in 1991 but released in 1993. She

                                      returned to Hong Kong screens once again in the breezy 2001 comedy La Brassiere

                                    fittingly playing the president of a bra company. She reprised the role in the film's sequel, 

                                                                                        Mighty Baby.


                                                                  Chikako Aoyama Filmography



Au Revoir, Mon Amour

1991 Robotrix   
1993 Finale in Blood      
2001 La Brassiere 
2002 Mighty Baby


                                                                          Chikako Aoyama


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