Cheung Chi Kwong

                                                                       Cheung Chi Kwong  Cheung Chi Kwong

                         Actor, Singer


                                       Cheung Chi Kwong is an actor with TVB and an accomplished singer. His most

                                  widely known role was as Jackie Chan's younger brother in Drunken Master II (1994).


                                                 Cheung Chi Kwong Filmography

                                                                                      Cheung Chi Kwong


Fight Back to School II 

1994 Drunken Master II
1994 The Other Side of Romance
2000 Model From Hell



                                                             Cheung Chi Kwong -TV Credits

                                                                                       Cheung Chi Kwong

A Kindred Spirit 

Cold Blood Warm Heart
Heartbreak Blues
War of the Genders




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