Carman Lee

                                                                                                (Lee Yeuk Tung, Lee Yuk Tung Carman Lee)            


                                      Born:  August 16, 1973- Hong Kong    Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English        

                                                                          Height: 5'5"        Weight: 100 lbs


                                Former Cathay Pacific stewardess Carman Lee began her career in commercials. Her debut 

                                 film was in Philip Ko Fei's Killer's Romance, set in London. In 1992, she had a role in the 

                                sci-fi picture The Wicked City with Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai. In Tsui Hark's martial arts

                                epic Burning Paradise, Carman played a prostitute. She starred as a volleyball team captain 

                                   in Victory (1994), and the sister of Jordan Chan in Herman Yau's triad movie War of the

                                Underworld. In 1997, she worked with HK auteur Johnnie To, who was also her agent, in 3

                                 films. She played an assassin opposite Takeshi Kaneshiro in The Odd One Dies, a doctor  

                                 in the firefighting drama Lifeline, and a no-nonsense barrister who defends priest Lau Ching 

                                                                            Wan from rape charges in Final Justice.      


                                After starring in a flurry of 6 films in 1997, Carman appeared with Jean Claude Van Damme in  

                                     her last film to date, Knock Off (1998). One American reviewer marveled at her beauty. 

                                 Then she discovered that she could make more money for less work and stress in Chinese 

                               TV and commercials. Since then, she has confined her activities to television roles in Mainland

                                                                                     China and Taiwan.


                                                          Carman Lee Filmography



Killer's Romance

1992 The Wicked City 
1994 The Final Option
1994 Burning Paradise
1994 Awakening
1994 Victory
1995 The Little Drunken Masters
1995 Loving You
1996 Somebody Up There Likes Me
1996 Forbidden City Cops
1996 Lover's Tears
1996 On Fire
1996 War of the Underworld
1997 Lifeline
1997 Final Justice      
1997 Too Many Ways To Be No. 1     
1997 The Odd One Dies           
1997 Legend of the Wolf        
1997 Option Zero                 



                                                      Carmen Lee -American Films


1998 Knock Off




                                                         Carman Lee -TV Credits


  Amazing Story
1996 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 1996
2001 Home
1995 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1995 
  Legendary Fighter Yang's Heroine
2001 The Super Trio Show   (guest)
  Wu Dang


                                                                            Carman Lee with Wu Bing in 'Home'



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