Carl Scott

                                                                                     Carl Scott

                                                                                                                      (Carl R. Scott)                    



                                                  Carl Scott had a short but memorable career in Hong Kong films.

                                    Practicing martial arts since he was a young child, Carl was an extra in Bruce Lee:

                                     The Man, the Myth (filmed in America). Carl's skills impressed the producers, who

                                           brought him to Hong Kong for their next Bruce Li picture, Last Strike (1978).

                                   He and Bruce Li were the two main protagonists in the movie which also starred Shaw 

                                   Brothers stars Lo Meng and Ku Feng and had multiple endings filmed. He also fought

                                present and future legends such as Yuen Biao, Corey Yuen Kwai, and members of the

                                                             Yuen clan. He was only a teenager at the time.  


                                  After this Carl Scott starred with Billy Chong in Kung Fu Executioner, which not only 

                                 showcased Carl's impressive knowledge of Chinese kung fu but also his weapons ability,

                                          particularly with the nunchaku. The duo's next film was Sun Dragon, shot on 

                                        location in Phoenix, Arizona, and featuring a fight between Carl and 1979 World 

                                                                    Kickboxing Champion Louis Neglia

                                      Though Carl Scott and Billy Chong only made two films together, their on-screen

                                     partnership remains uppermost in the minds of kung fu movie audiences worldwide.


                                                                       Carl Scott Filmography


Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth  *

Kung Fu Executioner
Last Strike  1
Sun Dragon   2


                                                             * extra  (one of Bruce Lee's students, played by Bruce Li)

                                                         1  aka Kung Fu Avengers, aka Soul Brothers of Kung Fu

                                                         2  aka A Hard Way To Die 




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