Carl Ng Ka Lung

                                                                                       Carl Ng  

                                                                                                                     (Ng Ka Lung)   

                       Model, Actor


                                      Carl Ng Ka Lung has had supporting roles in a number of recent Hong Kong films.

                                   and also models for print and TV ads. The son of comedy legend Richard Ng Yiu Hon

                                                                Carl is British and is still learning Cantonese.


                                                                Carl Ng Ka Lung Filmography




2002 Naked Weapon
2003 The Medallion
2003 Colour of the Truth 
2004 Love Battlefield
2004 Heat Team
2004 Fear of Intimacy
2004 New Police Story
2004 Yesterday Once More 
2004 Colour Blossoms
2005 Set To Kill
2005 Legend of the Dragon




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