Candy Lo Hau Yam              

                                                                                     Candy Lo  Candy Lo Hau Yam

                                                                                               (Lo Hau Yam, Liu Qiao Yin, Lo Hau Yum)                     

                       Singer, Actress

                                                         Born: October 18th        Languages: Chinese, English  


                                     Singer-songwriter, musician and actor Candy Lo is one of the more refreshing talents

                                   to emerge in Hong Kong in recent years. Candy led the band Black & Blue before signing

                                 with Sony Records as a solo artist in 1998. Her edgy, personal style of indie-rock offers an

                                 an alternative to the formulaic Cantopop tunes usually heard on HK airwaves. Evidentiary of 

                                  her rock chick lifestyle, her tattoos visibly distinguish herself from the Kelly Chen pop idol


                                      Like so many HK singers, Candy later became an actress. In 2000 she got 3 HKFA 

                               nominations for her debut roles in Time and Tide (by director Tsui Hark) and Aubrey Lam's 

                                               romance Twelve Nights. (with Eason Chan and Cecilia Cheung).


                               Candy also proved herself to be adept at comedy in Herman Yau's Happy Family, as a ball-

                                   busting pregnant advertising executive called "Godzilla" in If U Care.. and Yuen Biao's  

                                       beaver-toothed kung fu fighting sister in the HK-Japanese production No Problem 2.


                                                               Candy Lo Hau Yam Filmography

                                                                                         Candy Lo Hau Yam


Twelve Nights 

2000 What Is a Good Teacher 
2000 Time and Tide 
2001 Funeral March  
2002 Marry a Rich Man 
2002 Happy Family  
2002 Tiramisu 
2002 The Eye 
2002 If U Care... 
2000 Summer I Love You 
2002 No Problem 2   (Japan-HK)
2003 Truth or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat
2003 Men Suddenly in Black
2004 Six Strong Guys  
2005 Bug Me Not! 




                                                             Candy Lo Hau Yam


                                                                Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                          Candy Lo Hau Yam 

                                                           Best New Performer Nominations- Candy Lo

                                                                            2000     Time and Tide

                                                                            2000     Twelve Nights


                                                       Best Supporting Actress Nominations- Candy Lo

                                                                            2000     Time and Tide




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