Callan Leung  

                                                                                 (Ga Lun, Leung Ga Lun, Callan Leong, Steven Leung)   



                             Callan Leung acted in gritty New Wave crime films- notably, Leung Po Chi's Jumping Ash

                             and Alex Cheung's Man on the Brink. He co-starred with Japanese superstar Sonny Chiba 

                                      in Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon (1978). Though Callan regularly played cops, 

                                               police captains or detectives, Hong Kong already had a Danny Lee

                                                                  Callan has not appeared in a film in ages. 


                                                                   Callan Leung Filmography



Jumping Ash

1976 He's a Legend, He's a Hero
1977 The Gambler   
1978 Amsterdam Kill   1
1978 Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon   2
1978 Gee and Jor
1978 Spiteful Women
1979 Law Don
1979 Handcuff     
1980 The Desperados
1981 Man on the Brink
1981 Revenge in Hong Kong 
1981 The Bomb-Shell   
1981 The Cold Blooded Murder
1983 Bloody Mission   
1983 Superstar             
1983 Struggle For Leader   
1983 Red Spell Spells Red 
1983 The Body is Willing     
1986 Tongs- A Chinatown Story   3
1986 A Man From Holland


                                                   1  (U.S. co-production starring Robert Mitchum)  

                                                   2  also director (Japanese co-production) 

                                                   3  aka Tongs: An American Nightmare (U.S. production) 




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