Birte Tove 


                                                                                   Born: 1945 - Denmark  


                                Danish actress Birte Tove was introduced to Asian audiences in 1972, when Shaw Brothers 

                                          distributed her adult drama "Swedish Fly Girls" through its chain of theatres.

                                  Shaw's soon cast her in their own productions, beginning with a movie filmed in her native 
                                 country. In her first and most self referential Hong Kong film role, Birte played a waifish porn 

                              star in Lu Chi's curious European sex romp Sexy Girls of Denmark (1973), which was shot on

                                  location in Copenhagen. In the film, Birte is a breezy player who rolls around in bed with a

                                                      Chinese tourist played by Shaw Brothers actor Tsung Hua


                                Later that year, Ms. Tove co-starred with Lo Lieh as an American nurse in Kuei Chi Hung's 

                                The Bamboo House of Dolls, a sordid and brutal escape movie which is regarded as one of 

                                                                       the seminal Women in Prison films.


                               Finally, Lu Chi cast her in a risqué comedy called Mini Skirt Gang (also starring Chen Ping),

                                                          in which Birte played the leader of a gang of female thieves. 


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