Bill Tung Piu

                                                                       Bill Tung  Bill Tung Piu  1933-2006

                                                                                           (Tung Piu, Tung Biu, Tung Piao, Tong Biao)      

                                                                                 Actor, Racing Commentator     


                               Bill Tung Piu is a well known comedic movie and TV actor in Hong Kong. Throughout the 80's 

                                 and early 90's, Tung performed in many comedies, but remains best recognized for his roles

                                 in a series of comedies co-starring Lydia Shum; and a total of 8 Jackie Chan movies and 2

                                                                                movies produced by Chan. 


                                  Other than acting, Bill Tung is closely associated with the sport of horse racing. He comes

                                from a family of jockeys, and he went into the profession himself at a young age, racing in HK,

                                   Macau, Australia, Singapore and England. In 1967, Tung became a professional horse race    

                                          commentator, his speedy, distinctive delivery earning the nickname "Fast Uncle".


                               Tung combined his two loves when he acted in the 1994 horse racing drama The Inside Track.

                                   In 1981, he played himself in a cameo as a racing commentator in Michael Hui's comedy

                               Security Unlimited. Five years later, Bill was featured in a larger role in Hui's Happy Din Don

                                                  playing the flamboyant pink suit wearing tycoon, 'Crocodile King'.


                                   Tung starred as a ghost who guides cop Stephen Chow in the 1990 comedy Look Out,

                                Officer! Other starring roles include the It's a Mad Mad Mad World Lunar New Year series, 

                               Double Fattiness opposite Lydia Shum, and Ronny Yu's spooky comedy Bless this House

                                In the early 80's Bill appeared in some Shaw Brothers films as well- he was a martial monk in

                                 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!, a con man in Fast Fingers, and a blind homeless

                                                                          musician in Family Light Affair.                

                                 Bill remains best known for his recurring role as Jackie Chan's police superior 'Uncle Bill' in 

                                 the successful Police Story series. The typecasting resumed in Rumble in the Bronx, in 

                                                     which he played a Bronx grocery owner named 'Uncle Bill'


                                 Married four times, Tung became the pitchman for a smoking cessation patch in 1994, which  

                                                he credited with helping him kick the habit. He stopped acting after 1996.

                                Battling heart disease and diabetes, Tung Pui passed away from lung failure in February 2006. 

                                                                                           He was 73.


                                                        Bill Tung Piu Filmography

                                                                           Bill Tung Piu                                      


Horses   (also writer)                                  

1981 Security Unlimited   (cameo)                           
1983 Salt and Pepper                                     
1983 The Fung Shui Master                           
1983 Fast Fingers                                            
1983 Esprit D'Amour                                  
1984 Family Light Affair                                 
1984 I Love Lolanto                                        
1984 I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!     
1985 How to Choose a Royal Bride                    
1985 Mummy Dearest                                      
1985 Police Story                                            
1986 Happy Din Don                                      
1987 Magic Story                                            
1987 It's a Mad Mad Mad World                  
1987 Sworn Brothers                                      
1987 Jokers Playing Games                            
1987 Project A II                                                 
1988 Who is the Craftiest                                    
1988 The Good, the Bad & the Beauty                 
1988 It's a Mad Mad Mad World II                      
1988 It's a Mad Mad Mad World Part III              
1988 Imaginary Suspects   (aka Imaginary Suspense)
1988 Bless this House                                   
1988 Double Fattiness                                  
1988 The Inspector Wears Skirts               
1988 Mother Vs Mother                             
1988 In the Blood                                            
1988 Police Story Part II                                 
1989 The Inspector Wears Skirts Part II          
1989 My Dear Son                                       
1989 Miracles   (Mr. Canton and Lady Rose)                
1989 The Nobles                                               
1989 Lost Souls                                       
1989 Just Heroes   (cameo)                                 
1990 Ghostly Vixen                                      
1990 Look Out, Officer!                           
1990 Doctor's Heart                               
1990 Story of Kennedy Town                  
1991 The Banquet                                   
1992 It's a Mad Mad Mad World Too!           
1992 Freedom Run Q                                  
1993 The Final Judgement                              
1992 Police Story III: Supercop                       
1993 Project S                                            
1994 Drunken Master II   (cameo)                        
1994 The Inside Track                             
1995 Rumble in the Bronx                          
1996 Police Story IV: First Strike                    



                                                        Bill Tung Piu - TV Credits

                                                                           Bill Tung Piu                                      


The Legendary Fok



                                                                       Bill Tung in "Rumble in the Bronx" (1994)


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