Ben Ng Ngai Cheung              

                                                                                      Ben Ng  Ben Ng Ngai Cheung

                                                                                                                (Ng Ngai Cheung)  



                                     Although capable of more nuanced performances, Ben Ng Ngai Cheung has played

                                         tough, dangerous gangsters and bad guys for the vast majority of his film career.

                                       His gaping mouth, loud bark and rippling muscles have helped Ben become one of

                                   Hong Kong cinema's most menacing villains. Many of these roles have proven memorable

                                    with Ng's injection of distinct mannerisms and sheer spastic energy. In Clarence Fok's

                                    Passion 1995, Ben portrayed a rampaging gay villain prone to sudden, violent outbursts. 

                                   To Where He Belongs featured Ng as a crude triad boss who punishes one enemy by

                                    urinating on his head. In The Eternal Evil of Asia, Ben played a Thai voodoo wizard

                                                      who has metaphysical intercourse with victim Ellen Chan


                                   The ultimate Ben Ng tour de force would have to be Red to Kill, (1994) starring Ng as a 

                                  mild mannered special education teacher by day, rampaging sex-starved lunatic by night. 

                                   Ng trembles, sneers, ejaculates and generally chews the scenery in a role destined for

                                                                                     Category III infamy. 

                                      In Philip Ko's Phantom War, an early film set in London's Chinatown, Ng takes on 

                                        the mob to protect his Chinese restaurant. While good guy roles like this are rare,

                                          they are more common in his small screen parts for TVB. In 2003, Ben married 

                                                                       longtime love Joan Tong Lai Kau


                                                                Ben Ng Ngai Cheung Filmography

                                                                                         Ben Ng Ngai Cheung


The Accident

  Angel Cop "Final Crisis"
  Big Boss Untouchable
  Brutal Violence
1998 Casino
  Chinese Midnight Express
  City Cop
  The Conman
  Dangerous Duty
  Daughter of Darkness II
  Dead End
  The Deadly Rose
  Devil's Woman
  Don't Tell My Partner
  Enemy Shadow
1995 The Eternal Evil of Asia
  The Fatalist
  Fury in Red
  Gold Fingers
  Her Name is Cat 2: Journey To the Death
  Hero Against Hero
  Legend of Wind
  Man of the Times
  Millenium Dragon
  O.C.T.B. Case- The Floating Body
1995 Passion 1995
  Phantom War
  THE Professionals
  Pursuit of a Killer
  Raped by an Angel 4: The Raper's Union
1994 Red To Kill
  Sex and Zen II
  Sexy and Dangerous
  Thunder Cop
1996 To Be No. 1  
2000 To Where He Belongs
  Troublesome Night V
  A True Mob Story
  Vicious Killing
  Wonton Love



                                                                    Ben Ng -TV Credits 

                                                                                        Ben Ng Ngai Cheung

Anti-Crime Squad 

Concubine Yeung  
Drunken Angels
Special Duties Unit 1996
Warrior Period
Who is the Winner II




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