Au Yeung Pui San              

                                                                                      Au Yeung Pui San

                                                                                                 (Ou Yang Pei Shan, Susanna Au Yeung)



                                       Au Yeung Pui San is an experienced television actress. In 1973 she co-starred with

                                  Jimmy Wang Yu in the drama/thriller The Black Friday. She also starred in Last Strike

                                  with Bruce Li and Lo Meng in 1978. She made a rare movie appearance in Kirk Wong's 

                                     Crime Story (1993), playing the wife of kidnapped building developer Law Kar Ying.


                                                                Au Yeung Pui San Filmography



The Awaken Punch

1980 Bat Without Wings
1973 The Black Friday
1993 Crime Story
1975 The Delivery
1978 Last Strike  *
1971 The Mad Killer
1979 The Proud Twins
1983 Roving Swordsman


                                                    * aka Kung Fu Avengers, aka Soul Brothers of Kung Fu



                                                             Au Yeung Pui San -TV Credits 


The Bund

Don't Look Now
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly   (Man in the Net)
Heir to the Throne Is...
Mystery Beyond
The Pitfall
The Return of the Condor Heroes  
The Yang's Saga




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