Amy Yip  Amy Yip Chi Mei

                                                                                                                       (Yip Chi Mei)      


                       Born: July 19, 1966


                                 Amy Yip didn't need top billing to be a big star in Hong Kong. Though many of her film roles

                                         were relatively minor, she'd always make the trailer and often, even the poster.

                                It's no mystery where Amy's drawing power lied - moviemakers made clear references to her

                                            her generously busty chest, always teasing, but never revealing everything. 

                                                          Lethal Contact (1992)         Amy Yip Chi Mei on the cover of Penthouse (HK edition)

                                 Yip's breakthrough roles came in the form of two Category III classics- Sex and Zen (1990) 

                                  and Erotic Ghost Story (1991). Another sexy Category III picture starring Yip, Robotrix, is 

                                                          also notorious for its nudity and simulated sex scenes. 

                                  As her fame grew, Yip acted in Stephen Chow comedies, action movies and ghost flicks.

                                    Hong Kong's seven year itch for Ms. Yip apparently satiated, Amy has retired and pretty

                                                       much remained out of the public eye since the mid 1990's.


                                                                         Amy Yip Filmography

                                                                                         Amy Yip Chi Mei


The Inspector Wears Skirts II  

1989 Miracles   (cameo)                     
1990 Jailhouse Eros                
1990 My Neighbors Are Phantoms
1990 Ghostly Vixen           
1990 Erotic Ghost Story         
1990 Doctor's Heart               
1990 Look Out, Officer!            
1990 Mortuary Blues        
1990 Raid on Royal Casino Marine
1990 Sex and Zen                      
1991 Erotic Ghost Story II   (cameo)        
1991 Legend of the Dragon   (cameo)     
1991 To Be Number One             
1991 The Great Pretenders                
1991 Vampire Kids               
1991 Blue Jean Monster   (cameo)      
1991 Robotrix                
1991 The Magnificent Scoundrels 
1991 Easy Money        
1991 Queen of Underworld      
1992 Lethal Contact        
1992 Stooges in Hong Kong            
1992 China Dolls             
1992 Requital             
1994 Underground Judgement




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