Amy Chung Wai Yi

                                                                            Amy Chung  Amy Chung Wai Yi

                                                                                                    (Chung Wai Yi, Chung Wai Yee)     



                                 When Amy Chung Wai Yi got second runner up in the 1996 Miss Chinese International

                                Pageant, she quickly became a part of the Hong Kong entertainment circle as an actress 

                                           with TVB. Yet she hid a secret which would soon come back to haunt her.

                               Chung had once served time for credit card fraud and bribery while a student at UCLA, and 

                               had violated her 3 year probation by leaving the U.S. for Hong Kong. When this information

                                 was discovered, she returned home in 1999 to face the penalty for disobeying her parole 

                                 requirements. After serving an additional 6 month prison term, she remained in America

                                                                       and has not been heard from since. 


                                                            Amy Chung Wai Yi Filmography 

                                                                                       Amy Chung Wai Yi

1996 Mr. Mumble  *  
1998 Super Energetic Man


                                                                                       * cameo


                                          Amy Chung Wai Yi        Amy Chung Wai Yi


                                      Amy Chung Wai Yi       Amy Chung Wai Yi



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