Cheung Kwok Ming  章國明

                                                                                                                        (Alex Cheung)

                   Director, Screenwriter   


                                 Alex Cheung Kwok Ming was one of the New Wave directors of the early 1980's, coming 

                                       to attention with his gritty crime films Cops and Robbers and Man on the Brink.

                                  He began his career as a cameraman, and eventually directed two films for Shaw Brothers, 

                                  including the 1983 spoof Twinkle Twinkle Little Star starring Cherie Chung. In 2005, he

                                   was honored with fellow New Wave directors Clifford ChoiYim Ho, and Stephen Shin,

                                                                    in a special salute at the Hong Kong Film Awards. 


                                                         Alex Cheung Kwok Ming Filmography


1979 Cops and Robbers   (also writer) 
1981 Man on the Brink   (also writer and cinematographer) 
1983 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   (also writer) 
1985 Danger Has Two Faces   (also co-writer) 
1987 The Legend of Wisely   (special effects director) 
1988 Imaginary Suspense   (also co-writer) 
1989 Framed    
1995 Midnight Caller   (executive director) 
1997 Made in Heaven

Dragon Since 1973   (interviewed in documentary)


                                                               all credits as director unless otherwise noted





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