Ai Ti

                  Ai Ti  Ai Ti

                                                                                                                            (Ai Di)    



                                   Born in Taiwan, Ai Ti began her career in 1974 and became one of the best known adult 

                                  actresses of her time. Just 17 years old, she went to Hong Kong and was cast in her first

                                 part in Chu Yuan's Hong Kong 73. Along with Shirley Yu and Shaw Yin Yin, Ai Ti would 

                                        join a stable of Shaw Brothers actresses who were routinely given sexy film roles.


                                   A mainstay of erotic director/scriptwriter James Lui Kei, Ai Ti acted in films dealing with

                                   subjects ranging from love and sex to prostitution, crime, and drug addiction. These films

                                  required her to learn many new skills such as diving and motorcycle riding. For the better 

                                    part of a decade, she starred in a series of saucy films, mostly under the Shaw banner.


                                   Ai Ti was known for her colorful fashions. She posed for a centerfold in Southern Screen

                                   magazine in her white tube skirt and red vinyl boots from Mysterious Lady Killer, which

                               was also featured on the theatrical poster. Ai Ti kept a strong profile in Southeast Asia thanks

                                 in part to her role as 'Ah Hua' with top Singaporean comedians Yeh Feng and Wang Sha 

                                                                      in the Crazy Bumpkins series of films.   

                              Singapore would become Ai Ti's home following her retirement. After her marriage, she decided 

                                 it would be best if she withdrew from the film world to focus exclusively on her husband and 

                                  family. In 2004, at the encouragement of a friend, she returned to appear in the soap opera

                                                                 "Double Happiness" for MediaCorp TV Singapore.


                                                                              Ai Ti Filmography 

                                                                                            Ai Ti


Hong Kong 1973                                 

1974 Crazy Bumpkins                          
1974 Sex For Sale                             
1974 It's All in the Family                     
1975 The Flying Guillotine                
1975 Temperament of Life                   
1975 Night of the Devil's Bride               
1975 Return of the Crazy Bumpkins          
1975 Evil Seducers                           
1975 Girl's Diary                             
1975 All Mixed Up                         
1975 Romance in Paris                        
1976 Big Times For the Crazy Bumpkins
1976 Oriental Playgirls                       
1976 Girls For Sale                              
1976 Crazy Bumpkins in Singapore         
1977 Mysterious Lady Killer                      
1977 Starlets For Sale                           
1978 Delinquent Teenagers                 
1979 The Foxy Ladies                               
1979 Naughty Scandals                     
1980 The Stud and the Nymphs             
1981 Sexy Career Girls                         
1981 Story of Taxi Dancers                  
1982 36 Secrets of Courtship                
1982 Man Crazy                                   
1984 Ugly Tycoon                   
1984 Pale Passion                        
1985 Wives & Lovers                          
1985 Killing in the Nude         



                                    Ai Ti



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