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                       Born: August 2000


                                                                  About Hong Kong Movie World 


                              HONG KONG MOVIE WORLD is about Hong Kong movies and the people who make them.

                                       There needed to be a place where fans could pay formal homage to the likes of

                                 Ho Pak Kwong as well as Chow Yun Fat. Hong Kong Movie World fills this vital niche. 


                                     Most of it is self explanatory, but here's some more info about how to use this site:


                                                                         Hong Kong Movie Reviews 

                              These HK reviews include detailed cast and crew information. To give context to a particular

                            release, a "related viewing" section unscientifically lists 1-3 films that are similar in plot, theme,

                              genre or era. Movies that share cast members and / or crew in common, sequels, prequels,

                              spin-offs and rip-offs are also considered for "Related Viewing". These titles can be regarded 

                                                              as either suggested viewing or movies to avoid.

                                   There is no ratings system applied to the reviews, but a Yammy award serves as a 

                                                                                 general recommendation.  


                                                                    The Hong Kong Movie Hall of Fame  

                                 The alphabetical listing is divided by gender: Actors and Actresses. Many of the profiles 

                                either have, or will have, a gallery devoted to that person- check for the link at the bottom 

                                 of each page. While the priority of the directory is information about Hong Kong cinema,

                                     I've included television credits as this is also a major part of an actor's body of work. 

                                   HK entertainment being all-encompassing, music may occasionally be referenced as

                                  well, especially when this relates to film. For example, I might attempt to list the theme

                                                          songs which various people have performed for movies. 


                                       Unless otherwise specified, film and television titles are Hong Kong productions

                                       Well known alternate titles are also specified-

                                           (i.e. Five Venoms and Five Deadly Venoms).


                                    Note that each filmography has its own "key" at the bottom of the list which explains

                                     what the abbreviations beside the titles mean. For example, "dir" for director, "c" for 

                                                                       cameo, or other notes about the film.


                                    The actors are listed alphabetically and are identified with the most popular version of 

                                 their names. Chinese names precede anglicized names, so for example, Ng Chi Hung

                                would come before Francis Ng. Also listed are Cantonese and Mandarin transliterations,

                                  aliases, "real" names, stage names, alternate names and common spelling variations.

                                                                        For more about names, go here.


                                                                         Foreigners in Hong Kong Films

                                       While the origin of particular actors may be outside Hong Kong or Asia, 'foreign' 

                                    essentially refers to non-Chinese, and particularly non-Asian individuals. Some may 

                                   reside in Hong Kong, but they have been listed under that heading for the purposes of

                                  organizing information in a user-friendly fashion. Similarly, Chinese or Asian-Americans

                                          are categorized the same way. This can sometimes be a judgement call.


                                                                           Guest Stars and One-Shots 

                               As an added feature, this category acknowledges the many people from around the world 

                               who have participated in a Hong Kong production either as a guest star or a one-time deal.



                             Personally approved by Simon himself, the sister site is devoted to actor Simon Yam, one of 

                              the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema. SimonYam.com also has the distinction of having

                                been plagiarized by the good people at Paramount Pictures, one of the oldest, largest and 

                                                                      most powerful Hollywood movie studios.



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                                         To get here, just type: simonyam.com/hkmw  Don't bother typing any "w's" 

                                                                as that would only waste precious seconds.










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